Event schedule

November 17



Securing PostgreSQL -- Exploring the PostgreSQL STIG and Beyond
  • Joe Conway

How to teach an elephant to dance rock’n’roll or unconvetional techniques of query optimization in PostgreSQL
  • Maxim Boguk

Morning Tea

Need is the mother of all Inventions!! Is very true for PostgreSQL 10 Logical Replication
  • Rajni Baliyan

Queues in PostgreSQL
  • Thomas Munro

Lunch Break
Distributed PostgreSQL
  • Simon Riggs

How to contribute to PostgreSQL
  • Hari Babu Kommi

Afternoon Tea

Multimaster isn't magic: when and how to use multi-master replication and BDR
  • Craig Ringer

Lightning Talk Session
  • Gabriele Bartolini

  • Gary Evans

  • Robert Lechte

Event Wrap Up
Networking Drinks